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The Glory and Danger of Quitting Porn

I'll show you how to stop spinning your wheels trying to "just stop" and start growing into fearless sexuality.


What we will cover:

  • Why your sobriety goals eventually backfire, and how to set yourself up for longterm success
  • How focusing on personal sexual development will help you stop viewing porn faster than tracking sobriety
  • How to easily get unstuck so you can stop repeating the same patterns over and over
  • 40 goals to work toward on your way to fearless sexuality (that have nothing to do with tracking sobriety)

Chances are, you've tried to quit porn in the past. And it worked... but only for a while.

You're not alone. Maybe you could never get past 60 days, or maybe you went a whole 6 years, but it just doesn't seem to stick. 

The truth is when we hyper focus on sobriety, we're actually aggravating the problem.

Quitting porn for good is an awesome goal - I support it whole-heartedly. 

But let's be honest about what works... and what just doesn't.

White-knuckling and filters don't work.

Instead, let me show you how to grow your sexual self up, so you understand your desires... and you're the one in the driver's seat.

Relying on help from ecclesiastical leaders doesn't work.

They have their helpful place, but they aren't trained in how to resolve compulsive behaviors.

Relying on shame and accountability doesn't work.

Instead, I'm going to show you how to radically accept your sexual self - and how that process will free you from compulsive behaviors.

"It was very inspiring, thought provoking, informative and I so appreciate your contribution to all of us who suffer in this bewildering and painful loop of cognition/emotion/behavior. Many thanks!”
- Brian
"It has helped me to see that there are levels of growth and development, and to move beyond a one metric measure of recovery (e.g. sobriety streak count)... I feel much more ready to learn my way forward."
- Matthew

Hey, I'm Taylor Chambers.

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist and sexuality coach with 10+ years experience helping men overcome unwanted porn use and develop fearless sexuality.

You don't need to keep reporting your "bad behavior" every week in an attempt to quit. Instead, you can learn to grow into alignment with your personal sexual values.

The process of letting go of your porn habit for good can be empowering and expansive. It doesn't have to be shameful and frustrating.

If you're stuck, I can't wait to show you how quickly you can shift into satisfying progress and growth. My free masterclass will give you the tools to do this in a way that feels freeing. 

See you there!