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The right resources to support you and your family in resolving the struggle with porn.

Sex-positive, self-development perspectives.
Address unwanted porn use without sacrificing your sexuality.

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Learn why your efforts at sobriety are backfiring and discover how to break up with porn for real - without sacrificing your sexuality.


21+ interviews with top researchers, coaches, therapists and experts on the journey from unwanted porn use to fearless sexuality


All the resources you need to raise kids who are resilient to the effects of pornography. If you're looking for what to do beyond an internet filter, this is for you.

Hey, I'm Taylor Chambers MS, LMFT.

I'm not just about ending the struggle with porn... I'm about strengthening your relationships, building self respect and creating a life you enjoy in the process.

After working as a licensed marriage and family therapist with individuals, couples, and families for over a decade, I realized the deep need for updated education, new perspectives on unwanted sexual behavior and resources to get in charge of sexuality... without using shame and punishment.

I'm here to bring those resources to you, whether you're in need of a new approach to your compulsive porn use or want to build your parenting toolbox when it comes to porn and sexuality.

I believe deeply that you deserve to feel at peace with your sexuality, in charge of your behavior and confident you're bringing good to your relationships.

I'm here to bridge the gap between research and your resources, open your eyes to new ways of understanding your sexuality, and help you find your unique path to confidence and freedom.


"I kept saying to my partner that I feel as though I came across gold dust... the discussions have been invaluable."
- David

The resources you need to resolve unwanted porn use without sacrificing your sexuality.

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